FREE Canadian Declaration of Trust

A free Declaration of Trust for Canada used to create a trust and defning the purpose of the trust and powers and duties of the Trustees.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


This Declaration of Trust was made on the [Date]

I/We, [Name of the Person declaring the Trust]

________________________________ hereby declare that we have agreed with each other to act as trustees of a fund established hereunder to be used to carry out the charitable purposes set out herein and to be known as the Trust.

This Declaration of Trust shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of [Province], Canada.

The purposes of the Trust are:

[The main purpose of the trust shall be defined here]

Principle Office: The Trust office shall be located in the [Province], Canada.

Powers and duties of Trustees: The Trustees will apply the capital of the Trust solely for the advancement of the purpose of the Trust and, for this purpose, the Trustees will exercise the following powers provided that such powers are not contrary to the statues and common law relating to charities as well as the constitution of the Trust.

To engage the services of such individuals as the Trustee, in their unfettered discretion necessary to carry out the purposes of the Trust from time to time.

To insure that the capital of the Trust are applied to pay for the services of the individuals referred above and other costs incurred in connection with the advancements of the purpose of the Trust.

To invest or reinvest the capital of the Trust in investments authorized by law for trustees to the extent that such capital is not required at that time to carry out the purpose of the Trust.

To acquire by purchase, lease, devise, gift, or otherwise, real property, and to hold such real property or interest therein if such property is required for the actual use and occupation for the carrying on its charitable undertaking and when no longer necessary, to sell, dispose of and convey the same or any part thereof.

To insure that any capital of the Trust is paid for all just and reasonable expenses incurred by the Trust in the course of administering the Trust or otherwise incurred in the purposes of the Trust.

Decisions, Retirement, Removal and Appointment of successor:

The powers of the Trustees will be exercised by a majority of the Trustees.

The Trustees will insure that a bank account is opened and operated at a chartered bank or trust company.

The Trustees will execute and deliver agreements, assignments, bills of sale, contracts, deeds, notes, power of attorney, receipts, documents and any other instruments in writing necessary or appropriate, in the opinion of the Trustees, for the administration of this Trust.

Any Trustee may be removed for any reason whatsoever by notice in writing given to such Trustee by the remaining Trustees or be replaced by a vote of the Trust members for another Trustee.

Annual Statement: Within 90 days following the close of each calendar year the Trustees will insure a financial statement with respect to the immediate calendar year. These statements will include statement of revenues and expenditure, a statement of changes in financial position and a balance sheet.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Trustees have herewith set their hands and seals.


In the present of


________________ Witness _____________________


________________________ Witness _____________________


________________________ Witness _____________________

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