FREE Canadian Living Will

This Free Canadian Living Will allows a person to make decision about future healthcare in the event they are unable to make them at a later time.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.



(Made in accordance with Substitute Decision Act, 1992)

I, [Name] (the "Grantor"), of [Address], phone: [Phone Number], being of sound mind and of [age] years of age, hereby make this Living Will by which I am authorizing [Name], of [Address] as to be my lawful and truly attorney for Personal Care wherein I fully understand the consequences of my actions in doing so.

I intend this Living Will to be read by my health care providers, family and friends as a true reflection of my wishes and instructions should I lack capacity and be unable to communicate such wishes and instructions.

I revoke any previous Living Will for Personal Care made by me.

I give my Attorney full authority to make all personal decisions on my behalf. I authorize the Attorney to take care of the following functions for me inducing but not limited to healthcare, accommodation, participation in social activities, the people with whom I may live and associate, where I may work, educational activities, authority over legal matters.

If my condition is determined to be terminal and with no hope of recovery, I would like the following done:

Life Support: I want/do not want all possible life support system.

Tube Feeding: I want/do not want to be fed with the tube.

CPR: I want to be given CPR incase my heart beat stops.

[Any other terms and conditions which the grantor wants to include]

If I am suffering from any conditions because of which if my behaviour becomes violent or is otherwise degrading, I want my symptoms to be controlled with appropriate drugs, even if that would worsen my physical condition or shorten my life.

In the event that I no longer have capacity to refuse or consent to health care on my own behalf it is my intent that this Power of Attorney for Personal Care be respected by my physicians, my family and friends, as well as any other caregivers.

I want this Living Will to be revoked as per the laws applicable in Province of [Province], Canada or after my death.

Signed and Executed by me on this date of [Date] of 20___.


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