FREE Canadian Condominium Lease Agreement

This Condominium Lease Agreement is for use in Canada when renting a condo. It contains many of the important terms for thse types of transactions.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


This Condominium Lease Agreement is made on [Date] by and between:

[Name of the landlord] [address of the landlord] hereinafter referred as the Landlord, which expression shall mean and include his legal heir and successors


[Name of the tenant] [address of the tenant] hereinafter referred as the Tenant, which expression shall mean and include his legal heir and successors.

The above referred Landlord and Tenant are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Parties" and individually as "Party".

Premises: This Lease Agreement is for the following Condominium unit: [Details of the Condominium] ("Unit") along with the garage as provided. The Tenant accepts and acknowledges that Unit is rented and accepted "as it is" conditions after fully inspection and satisfaction with no express or implied warranties or representation being made by the Tenant. The Tenant shall also have an access to the common areas along with the Unit which includes the swimming pool, park, service area at his own risk and cost.

Rent: The monthly rent of the Unit shall be CAD $ [Rent amount], payable in advance for every month as agreed between the Landlord and the Tenant. The Security Deposit of the Unit shall be an amount of CAD $ [Security amount] which shall be refunded interest free by the Landlord to the Tenant, after any such deductions as applicable to the Tenant on termination of this Lease Agreement. Upon signing of this Agreement, the Tenant shall give the first month Rent and the Security Deposit as agreed to the Landlord.

Term: The term of this Lease Agreement shall be for a period of [Duration] years and shall expire on [Date].

Services: The Tenant shall be responsible for paying all service and utility charges including Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone allocated to the Unit. Use of any appliances without prior approval of Landlord shall be prohibited. The Landlord shall supply the Appliance which shall be part of parcel of this Lease Agreement, as provided in the Schedule I of this Agreement. Any damage caused to these Appliances by willful or negligence of the Tenant shall be paid or repaired by the Tenant or deducted from the Security Deposit at the time of termination of this Lease Agreement.

Termination: This Lease Agreement shall automatically come to an end on the expiration of its term. This Lease Agreement may also be terminated by either of the Party by providing one month notice to each other. The Landlord may terminate this Lease Agreement in case the Tenant is in breach or violation of any of the term or condition of this Lease Agreement. Covenants: The Tenant shall keep the Unit in proper conditions and shall maintain it timely as reasonable required. The Landlord shall keep the property safe at all the times. The Tenant shall use the said Unit only for residential Purpose and shall not use it for any illegal, immoral or unethical activity prohibited by law or any order.

Pets: The Tenant shall not keep any pet without prior written permission of the Landlord.

Inspection: The Tenant shall allow the right of access to the Landlord and right of inspection of the Unit to the Landlord.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto set and subscribed their respective hands on the day and date first hereinabove mentioned.

Landlord Tenant

_________________ ____________________

Date: Date:



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