FREE Canadian General Agency Agreement

A free General Agency Agreement for use in Canada. This form allows the Principal to appoint an Agent for conducting the business or the duties given to the Agent by the Principal.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


This General Agency Agreement is made on [Date] by and between:

[Name of the Principal], having his/her business address at [Address], hereinafter referred as the Principal


[Name of the Agent], having his/her permanent place of residence at [Address], hereinafter referred as the Agent.

WHEREAS the Principal do hereby constitute and appoint the Agent for conducting the [Business or the duties given to the Agent by the Principal].


(a) to execute, sign, seal, deliver and endorse for me and in my name all bonds, entries, bills of lading, bills of exchange, warehouse receipts; or other means of payment or collateral security which comes into its possession;

(b) to receive all such payments and sums of money as are now due or may hereafter become due or payable to me by way of rebate, refund, or remission on the order of the Department of National Revenue of Canada relative to the foregoing; and to endorse on my behalf as my Agent and to deposit to and for its own account all such payments from the Government of Canada.

I acknowledge that any duties, charges or other amounts paid on my behalf or to my account by my Agent shall be a debt due by me to my Agent and any refund or remission of such duties, charges or other amounts shall be the property of my Agent.

I hereby irrevocably assign to my Agent all of the said refunds or remission of such duties, charges or other amounts as security for any amounts due at any time to my Agent, any obligations due to my Agent and all reinforcement and other costs incurred.

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, all documents and/or information that will be provided to my Agent by myself or on my behalf in connection with this mandate, will be true, accurate and complete.

I, the said Principal, hereby agree that all transactions hereunder shall be governed by the Standard Trading conditions of the Canadian laws and regulations applicable to the business. I hereby ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm all that my said Agent may do by virtue hereof. I hereby waive the right to receive a copy of any financial statement or verification statement respecting the security interests created herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Principal has caused these presents to be sealed with its corporate seal, attested to by the signature:

Principal Agent

___________________________ ______________________________



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