FREE Canadian Residential Rental Application

A free Residential Rental Application for use in Canada is useful when screening prospective tenants.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.



Person Dealing with the Tenant: [Name] being Landlord/Lessor/Property Manager/other (strike the applicable)

Address: [Insert the address of prospective tenant]

Phone Number: [Number]


Applicant Name: [Name]

Address of the Applicant: [Address]

Phone Number [Number] email address: [email address]

Date of Birth [Date]

Social Insurance Number of Applicant: [Number]

Name and detail of any dependent: [Name and details]

Any Pet: [Details of any pet]

Previous Residential Details: [Address and duration]

Employment Details: [Address of the Employer, position held, salary and duration]

Have you been declared bankrupt in past 7 years: Yes______ __No ________

Have you ever been evicted from a rental residence in past: Yes ________ No________

Have you ever made two or more late rent payment: Yes ________ No________


Banking Accounts:

Name_________________ Type of Account_________________ Account Number_________________

Name_________________ Type of Account_________________ Account Number_________________

Emergency Contact:

Name _______________________ Address _______________________________________________

Phone _______________________ Relationship_______________________

Driver's License:

Your Driver's License Number_________________ State_________________

Vehicle Information:

Make / Model _________________Year _________________License Plate State_________________


Property Address: [Insert the address of the Property to be rented]

Room/Suit to be rented: [Address and description]

Tentative Date of Possession: [Date]

Term of the Rent/Duration: [Term of the Rent]

Rent applicable: [Amount of the monthly rent]

Security Deposit: [Amount]

I, the abovementioned Applicant, hereby apply to lease the above described Premises for the term and upon the set conditions above set forth and agree that the Rent is to be payable the first day of each month in advance. I affirm that all statements above set forth are true; however, should any statement made above as a misrepresentation or not a true statement of facts, all of the deposit will be retained to offset the agent's cost, time, and effort in processing my application.

I hereby deposit $ [amount] as Security Deposit to be refunded to me if this application is not accepted in 3 business days. Upon acceptance, this deposit shall be retained as part of the security deposit. When so approved and accepted, I agree to execute a lease for [Duration] months before possession is given and to pay the balance of the security deposit prior to the move in date. If the application is not approved or accepted by the Landlord or agent, the Security Deposit will be refunded. The above information, to the best of my knowledge, is true and correct.

Signature of the Applicant


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