FREE Canadian Employment Agreement Letter

A free Employment Agreement in a letter format for use in Canada. This can be used by an employer to set forth the terms of employment in a letter to the employee.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.





Re: Employment Agreement

We are pleased to announce that you have been selected and awarded for an employment with [Company] (the "Employer") commencing [Date]. As you know, you will be employed as [Position Offered]. This letter will set out the terms and conditions of your employment.

1. Scope: As [Position], your duties and obligations will include [Job Description]. You may be employed by the Employer in a position other than the one offered, upon the Employer notifying you in writing of such assignment.

2. Changes in Terms and Conditions of Employment: Your terms and conditions of employment may be amended from time to time, as the needs of the Employer require.

3. Salary: The Employer will pay to you a gross annual salary of CAD $[Amount], which will be payable monthly to you in ___________________.

4. Vacation: During the term of this employment agreement, you will be entitled for such vacation in accordance with the policy of the Employer.

5. Expenses: The Employer will reimburse you in accordance with its policies for all reasonable expenses.

6. Duties: You will duly and diligently perform all the duties assigned to you while in the employ of the Employer and truly and faithfully account for and deliver to the Employer all money, securities and things of value belonging to the Employer which you may from time to time receive for, from or on account of the Employer.

7. Rules and Regulations: You agree to be bound by and faithfully observe and abide by all the rules and regulations or guidelines of the Employer. 9. Non-Disclosure: You acknowledge that during your employment with the Employer, confidential information of the Employer will be disclosed to you and that any unauthorized disclosure of such information to third parties or use other than for the Employer's purposes could cause extensive harm to the Employer.

8. Governing Laws: This agreement will governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of [Province] of Canada.



For the Employer

I have read, understand and hereby voluntarily accept the terms of employment outlined above.

[Name of the Employee]

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