FREE Canadian Termination Letter

A free Termination Letter for use in Canada. This letter is for use by a company when terminating an employee.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


[Name of the Company] [Date] Personal & Confidential [Employee Name] [Street Address] [City State Zip Code]

Dear [Employee Name]: You were employed with the Company as [Position] by the Employment Agreement signed between you and the Company, dated [Date]. As per the said Employment Agreement, your services with the Company was under a period of probation, wherein in case you fall to reach the satisfactory performance level set by the Company during the probation period, your services with the Company under the said Employment Agreement will be terminated.

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that your employment with the Company is terminated effective immediately, under the probation period. You are required to return all materials in your possession related to Company such as employee card, uniform, badges, equipment, real property and other unnamed things you have in your possession. Your failure to do all this would be prima facie for intentional, improper and actionable business interference with the Company.

Your termination comes during the probationary period of your employment. There is no signed legal agreement between you and Company. You were not confirmation of the Employment contract at [Company] was offered. Your employment at [Company] is governed solely and exclusively under title [write name of title] of [write name of state].

Under Canadian law, no employment contract exists. An employee can quit at any time for any reason. Importantly, employer may also terminate an employee at any time for any legal reason.

Thanks and regards,

Company Officer Name
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cc: Employees file
Division of Unemployment Compensation
Counsel of Officer Name
Counsel of Company Name

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